Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Cool Quilt Finishes

Here are some quilts that have been finished using some of my anime patterns. They are pretty cool!! They are for charity -- Stitch for Pleasure-Stitch for Charity. Thanks Cath for emailing me the photos too.
Just click each image to see bigger photos.

I must thank Pattie-cherry for stitching these characters! :) They turned out well!!

has finished another dragon ball character--Trunks! Nice job!! :)

Well that is for today. Happy Stitchings~~

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know its really late..... but here it is. There is no new floss in the jar--photo was from last month!!
I haven't felt like stitching since I had been sick. This past week I had a slight set back. I'm thinking of getting tested for celiac disease now. I'm hoping the blood test shows positive because I really don't want to be knocked out and get a tube down my throat. (doctor might do both anyways) I just hope I get this sorted out soon and start feeling better.

I have lots of new digimon patterns made up. I just need to turn them into PDF's and get them on the web page. I just haven't had the energy(brain power) to do it. Soon.... I promise!!!