Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bleach Pattern Updates

Well here are 2 Bleach updates--one was taken on the 19th next one was today.
I am finally stitched out and plan on taking a few days off from stitching......unless I find the want to do it!! On a good note -- I completed another full page--page 2 is totally completed!! I will be making changes to page one-- the small white area that hasn't been stitched-- changing it because I no longer like it!!

Also sorry for the lack of pattern makings-- I have been trying to finish the sampler!!
I will try and get some more up next month!!!

Where ever you are Happy stitchings~~~

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trunks Stitched and Feb TUSAL

Well alot of people know I had been sick with the flu-- I'm still not done with the coughing part! I wish I would then maybe my 2 dislocated ribs in my back (that my coughing caused) would heal. It's pretty sore and unable to sit for too long periods of time. I plan to try and stitch a bit today-- Its a holiday here (FAMILY DAY- an excuse to give people a holiday in Feb)

Here is my TUSAL for this month. I think I stitch far too much. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing!!!

Well I must thank Zephr16 for stitching Trunks from Dragon Ball. Sprites with purple hair are always cool!!
Well that is it for today--
Everyone have a good Monday and Happy Stitchings~~~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zaraphena stitches and Bleach update

Well I have to thank Zaraphena for stitching 2 more of my patterns!!
My favorite has to be the Tshirt!! It turned out so cool. My son wants me to stitch him one soon as I can. I'm not sure it will be on a tshirt because I haven't mastered waste canvas yet. I think I should just stick to smaller designs!!

Here is a bleach update. I have finished more around his ear yesterday since the blurry photo was taken--must get a new camera for xmas.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Patterns Kira and Konohamaru

Here are 2 new patterns for you to stitch now that my web site is stable for now!!

It is Kira from Death Note! You must thank my son for finding this image!! It did make a cool cross stitch pattern!!

Here is the cute Konohamaru - who seems more grown up in the anime these days!!

As usual you can find all my patterns here.

Happy Stitchings~~

Web Site-- fixed!

Web site is up and running again!!
I guess a hard drive had a major meltdown yesterday afternoon-- after that happens it usually takes awhile to fix. It rarely happens but is still frustrating when it does. If you ever get an error or can't get into my is usually short term!!
Happy Stitchings~~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Web Site down again

My web site is getting a few problems yet again!! It was fine yesterday!! Getting a forbidden error-- but I'm not alone!! Something is wrong with the server I guess. I hope its only down for a short time or I will have to make some changes!! In other words will have to get an official web site!! That will be a huge pain!!!!!

Happy Stitchings~~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Prince turns into Frog Patterns

Well I did these patterns over the week end.
They come from another Taiwan drama I watched.
Prince turns into Frog
I'm stitching the frog head this week in the evenings
so hopefully it is completed in a few days!! :)
Patterns can be found here.

Happy Stitchings~~