Friday, May 28, 2010


Well today I have been blogging for a whole year now.
I have 3 mystery prizes to give away!! :) It will be more fun to be surprised!!!

All you do really need to do is sign up with you email and favorite colours too. (Only going to be used to contact you if your a winner) The draw date will be June 12th. :)

KND pattern and Final Fantasy Finishes

KND: Numbah 5 Added to Web Site I hope to add more of these characters soon!!

I must thank missy-tannenbaum for doing the Archer in needlepoint.
The background looks way cool!! :)

Here are the ones I completed. They are all stitched together and plan to make it into a tote whenever I find the material I like. They can be found on my web page too.

Happy Stitchings~~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Codename: Kids Next Door

Here is the one and only -- Numbah 1 -- I totally loved this character from KND!!
You have to love a character in sunglasses!! :)
I hope you like this pattern and hope to add more soon!! :)
Happy Stitchings~~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TUSAL, Kittens and Stitched Pieces

MAY TUSAL -- I know I'm a few days late.
It is nice to see bright colours now in my jar!!

Kitten Update- 5 weeks old-- another week and they will be leaving!!! My son named the last kitten playing with the toy Cobalt -- extremely smart kitten! Also the one that causes all the TROUBLE!!!

Here are some of my new anime patterns stitched up.
Two from my .hack// series I have been doing and the Bleach Soul Dolls.

Mistral and Haseo

Soul Dolls

150th Post and Final Fantasy Sprites

I have made it to 150 Posts!!
I have decided to wait for my 1 year anniversary at the end of the month to hold a contest-- I still need to go through all my supplies and see what I will give away first. I will set it up so there will be 3 prizes too!! So look out for the contest!!!

I know these don't really have to do with Anime but I wanted to make these Final Fantasy sprites up to stitch. I decided to share them too. They will be pretty quick to stitch too!! :)
You will find them on my Web Page under Video Game Sprites.

I hope to have another Anime Girl WIP update soon. I haven't been working on it too much since I needed to heal my thumb and then I got into making smaller items.

Well that is it for today!! Happy Stitchings~~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yukari and Ouka

Well I'm almost at 150 posts!!
I wanted to get these patterns up then I can plan for my next post!!
Here Yukari from Lucky Stars and Ouka from .hack.

Well look out for something cool next week.

Happy stitchings everyone~~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New .hack.// pattern and Lucky star too!

Here is Haseo. It took me awhile to get his hair too look right. I got told over and over that it needs more white. I guess it was too grey.(thanks Uggie) In the end I think he has perfect hair!! Pattern
Please note -- I have updated Mistral pattern because I was unhappy with the hair colours I picked. So it you saved a copy before -- update the file. I hope to have her completely stitched this week -- been a very lazy couple of days!!

Here is Minami. She has pretty cool eyes!! :) I don't know too much about the anime so I don't know what kind of personality she has!! Pattern
I hope to have more .hack patterns and lucky star up soon!!
Happy Stitchings~~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Bleach Hitsugaya Pattern

I know alot of people made a request for the Hitsugaya Pattern.
I don't have the pattern anymore....sorry!!
I deleted when I completed it since I made it especially for my son. Here is the link to a free cross stitch software and the drawing it came from.

Cross stitch Software -
Drawing (you will have to crop it) --

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Web Page Down

My web provider is busy making changes this week end--
I guess they are doing a whole new replacement to my box where I guess my information is stored. Yipee!! Means it won't go down ever. I hope!! They said it will take a few days to do.
I won't be gone for long!!