Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August TUSAL, Dragon Update and Emma

Here is my August TUSAL-'m getting lots of gold,oranges and browns in my jar now!

Here is the latest on the baby dragon. Mommy's claw is finally done. Also we have decided here the dragon is a girl. Might have to give her a name once I'm done. Just click photo to see a larger photo.

Some sad news for me-- My beagle Emma(11 years) is now in doggy heaven. She was having lots of problems walking and it was time for her to go. It is so quiet here--and that is the hardest part now. We think we are done with dogs now and decided not to get anymore. I also think Colbalt is having some problems too with Emma gone. Keeps on waiting at the door for Emma to walk in.

Well that is it-- for today!

Happy stitchings~~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Baby Dragon Update

Another update on the baby dragon. It is coming along slowly. You can see the baby dragons chest and tiny foot. I just wish I could stitch more each day. I'm still limiting how much I stitch each day since my neck is still very sore.

Click to see larger photo.

Here are some finished pieces people have completed!!
Thanks guys!!

Chibigami has stitched the cute platypus Perry!

YumeNannashi has stitched Yuki.

That is pretty much it for now since my head is hurting now.
Happy stitchings~~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Dragon Update

Here is my recent update of the baby dragon sampler. It is very hard to be patient with this pattern. It has lots of colour changes and takes forever to complete a small area. It doesn't help when you hurt the nerves in your neck. I managed to do a bit of damage to my nerves/joints in my neck stitching way too much a couple week ends ago. My doctor is now trying to fix what I damaged.
Anyways in slowly getting back into stitching this past week end. I take lots of breaks now -- this really almost sounds like my wrist problems.

click photo to see it bigger.
I also have some other news. I have finally purchased a Wii. It was a good deal! I only have a couple games right now( I love the racing game) so it doesn't get in the way of my stitching time yet. That is pretty much it for now. I hope to have another update for you soon!!

Happy stitchings~~

Friday, August 5, 2011

TUSAL and Baby Dragon Update

Here is my August TUSAL. I finally have more floss in my jar. Just alot more boring browns and some golden yellows.

Well I'm finally working on this again. I almost have one of Mom's toes done. I was really worried it was going to look really dark. I guess I was lucky!! Just click the photo to see a larger version. I hope to finish the bottom two pages and start another page next week. I don't have all colours I need for this sampler and I will pick them up later next week when I get some more money.

That is it for today. I'm off to do some stitching!!

Happy Stitchings!!!