Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tired of the snow and a Stitched piece

I hate snow!!! YUCK!! YUCK!!! YUCKY!!!!!!!!

A little video of white!!!

I have also finished a new piece!! The pattern won't be up until the new year!
It is Canaan. :)

Happy Stitchings~~

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day For Everyone here and New anime finishes --

Well..Lots of highways are closed today!! We got lots of drifting snow!!
My hubby is unable to commute to work and I think the buses will be canceled too!! Sooooo-- its a SNOW DAY!!! I will get a photo of all the snow later this morning when the sun finally gets up. You might just see a cloud of white!! I HATE snow!!

Here is my Black Star from Soul Eater finished. I did make a few changes from the pattern. I have been working on a new doll-- I wanted to get it finished over the week end but the weather ruined those plans!! I will post very soon!!

Here is Cathy's new Digimon stitched piece. Her Blog

Here is Vegeta completed too. He can be found on grumble-kings Deviant Art page here.

Thanks guys for stitching them!!!!!
Oh I wanted to tell people I won't be updating anything on my web page until the new year. I'm just too busy with the Christmas things!! If your having hard time finding things to stitch for friends for gifts. Go check out Dork Stitch -- She has been posting new tiny sprites each day.

Well that is pretty much it!! Happy Stitchings~~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terriermon Pattern

Someone requested I do a Terriermon for her.
Here is the cute digimon!! :)
Link to pattern

I also completed another Soul Eater Doll pattern too.
Death the Kid

Well that is it for today!!
Happy Stitchings~~

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of finished stitches--photo heavy

Well another busy week for stitching!!
I have completed a couple new Anime Dolls.
Here are Haruka and Maka.

Here is the first page of my Elf Girl. It has slowed down a bit again because I'm trying to get a big white area stitched. It's so boring!!

Cathy over at Stitchin Chicken has completed some more Digimon characters.
She almost has them all completed now!! :) Thanks!!

Missy tannenbaum has kindly stitched another one of Vocaloids. She turned out rather cute too!!

I must thank Lee Wan Juen for stitching one of my favorite couples!! You have to love Mushroom Head!! :P

Well I think that is it for today!! I don't think I missed anyone??? I really should thes updates more often!!

I'm not taking anymore requests for patterns until the new year sometime. I'm just too busy with things here!! Here is a freeware Cross stitch program KG CHART MAKER. It is a pretty easy program to use - so I have heard anyways!!

Happy Stitchings~~

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Digimons

I have posted a couple Digimons that someone requested.
Here are Gatomon and Wizardmon.

Happy Stitchings~~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NEWS and Lots of stitched Digimons

It is a totally yucky day here---it is snowing!! Wet snow so it isn't staying!!

I'm getting lots of requests for the anime dolls-- lots of cool ideas on what I can design up now. I can't promise I can do every character yet-- but I can always try!! Keep on letting me know what you want to see in the other NOV blog message so it doesn't get lost!!

Here are lots of stitched Digimons that Poppy from UK completed!
They are for charity quilts being sent to Africa. Stitch for Charity Blog

Happy Stitchings~~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saitou Yakumo Stitched

Here is Saitou from Psychic Detective Yakumo.
The latest episode has me very worried!! :(
I hope to stitch his side kick Ozawa Haruka next. :)

Happy Stitchings~~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Added Poll -- Anime Dolls

Well I don't know what series I should do next. I like making the little Anime doll sprites.
If you could click 1 option then I will try and make them. If there isn't one on the list-- let me know here!! :)
Oops -- made a mistake on the poll-- can only click one option. Comment for other animes!!

Ovan completed

Here is Ovan that I just finished up this morning.

I had to change a few colours because they were totally wrong!!
I have uploaded a new pattern of him. I also redid Shino and Atoli. I wasn't happy with the patterns.
Happy Stitchings~~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lots of finishes today

Here are some stitching people have completed lately!!
Lots of new Digimon characters have been stitched by Cathy! :) They turned out really cool and they are for a good cause too!! :)

This cute one was stitched by missy tannenbaum. I really like how it was done in needlepoint!! :)
Thanks!! :)

If you stitch any of my patterns-- let me know and I will feature it here!! :)
Happy Stitchings!!~~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last of the Sohma charactes

I hope this is it-- I think I got them all!! I still need to do Tohru's friends!
They shouldn't take too long to complete!!

Here are Hiro and Kureno.

Happy Stitchings~~

Three More Fruits Basket Characters

I made up three more patterns.
Here are Kagura and Ritsu. The list is slowly getting shorter! I will get more up very soon!! :)
You can find the patterns here.

Here is Isuzu"Rin". She is only found in the Manga but I thought I would add her too!!

Happy Stitchings~~

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fruits Basket Patterns

Someone had made a request to make the rest of the Fruit Basket characters.
Here are Shigure and Ayame.
Pattern Link
I hope to complete the rest very soon!!

Tusal jar photo-- I will show in my next post. I haven't had time to take a photo of it!!
Happy Stitchings~~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Psychic Detective Yakumo Characters

Here are Saitou Yakumo and Ozawa Haruka from the NEW anime Psychic Detective Yakumo.
Link to patterns
Its a pretty cool story so far. I'm really into the paranormal things so it is the reason I guess I like it!! Here is where you can watch the anime -- Psychic Detective Yakumo

I hope you like these patterns and Happy Stitchings! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mojo patterns update

I have decided to reopen the mojo files again until Nov 15th then they will be gone.
I'm not sure about the file site and how much usage is available (if there is a limit) .

Now what had upset me was someone was selling a finished design from mojo's collection. When mojo had her site she didn't want anyone to profit from them. I think that is one of the reasons she had closed her site in the first place. She had to constantly fight will people that did this. It started not to be fun anymore!!

When I started my site I wanted it too be free for anyone!! I don't want people to profit from this!! I do this because I enjoy doing it. If people decide to use my patterns to profit then I will remove the site. I don't want to so please use the patterns for your own use. I don't mind people using the designs for quilt-- charity organizations.

Mojo patterns

I have locked away littlemojo's patterns. There is only 1 major reason I would do this!!
I'm not sure if I will unlock them again -- sorry for this!! :(
I will not be able to send them via email -- so please don't ask!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots of Finishes!!! Photo heavy!!

I really don't know where to start!! Lots of people have been really busy!! I am slowly getting into stitching again-- I'm stitching one of the champion Digimon's. I did only one needle today -- I don't plan to rush into stitching many hours yet!! One needle per day for a bit -- then I will see how it goes -- maybe I will add another later this week.
Cath -- has stitched some of the Digimon characters.
You can find her BLOG HERE.

Missy Tannenbaum has stitched a couple Vocaloid characters. I agree Meiko looks cool on the green!!

Today when I was checking my messages on deviantART I was amazed to see Shioro had stitched all the Fruits Basket Chibi characters!! HER deviantART page
I have to say I like Yuki and Hatsuharu the most!! :)

If you stitch any of of the anime patterns!! Let me know and I will put them up here to show them off to the world!!
Happy Stitchings~~