Monday, November 16, 2009

Naruto Heads

Well here are some cute little Naruto Heads-- They could be put on a towels as a border or made into cute little buttons. If you are a knitter- these character would be perfect for buttons on your sweater!! I hope to add more heads this week as I get them charted up. :) Here is the link to get them.

I was checking out how you could make your own buttons-- I never knew how easy it is to make your fabric buttons. Here is a link how to make them on-- YouTube Video.

I want to thank Allison for stitching the Akatsuki Cloud.
It looks pretty cool in needlepoint!!
She also has her own Blog too with lots of cool patterns!! :)

Happy Stitchings!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, thanks very much for posting the Akatsuki cloud I stitched, and for the link to my blog! ^^ The head patterns are really cute, too. I think I'm going to file Sakura with Orihime and do a "chibi portraits of Shonen Jump girls" cross stitch at some point. :D