Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Web Site down again

My web site is getting a few problems yet again!! It was fine yesterday!! Getting a forbidden error-- but I'm not alone!! Something is wrong with the server I guess. I hope its only down for a short time or I will have to make some changes!! In other words will have to get an official web site!! That will be a huge pain!!!!!

Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Ah, it's really frustrating when that happens! (It even happened to me once when I was maintaining a school website!) If it continues to be a problem, though, maybe you could transfer to yolasite? I know 1337xstitch is there, and so is the site for a local anime convention.

  2. I would do that..but they have more limits (like traffic)on there sites unless you pay for an upgrade. I know LittleMojo had so many problems with different servers but never this one. One of the problems is it crashes once every few months -usually the one (Canada one- letters A-F) I'm currently on- takes a bit to make it stable again.

    I was thinking of getting my own site with a better company anyways -- They really don't cost that much for a midrange space anyways.

    First I will see what happens here.... what they really need to do is make a few more boxes then this won't happen to people!! Just too many trying to access the same box.
    Been a lot of complaints which I don't understand because its free--I would never put a business site on here -- but lots of people do!!

  3. This sounds bad T_T I hope the site gets back to life soon...