Saturday, April 17, 2010

TUSAL. Death the Kid stitched and New patterns

Well I haven't done too much stitching lately. I needed a break from it.
I decided to take my TUSAL photo with the new kittens-almost a week old. Sorry its not the best photo because I tricked MOM out of the box and the kittens were not happy. Mom was trying to get back in so I had to be QUICK about it.

Here is a completed DEATH THE KID that PF3-Samantha stitched.
It looks pretty good too!! Thanks!! :)

Here are a couple new patterns for you to stitch.
I really like how Tsukasa turned out.
You can find these patterns on my web page here.

I'm sorry for the long blog post--
Happy Stitchings~~

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  1. Cats are so cute... but GOSH this is the CUTEST Kenpachi I've ever seen!!! XD