Sunday, July 11, 2010

Naruto Patterns and Lillymon

Here are the the last of the Naruto patterns. I hope to do other Naruto characters in the near future.
Link to Naruto page

Here is the link to littlemojo's NarutoLogo.
Lillymon's pattern is finally up on the page again.
Link to pattern.
Cool news -- Digimon has a new Anime now!! Yipee!! I hope to have some characters up in the near future from this series!! :) Click here to get to anime --Xross Wars

I also need to share a stitched piece. It is Aang from Avatar-Air Bender. It was stitched by 1sthalloweenpricess. You can go to her DeviantArt page. Thanks again.

Well i think that is it today!! Sorry for the LONG blog entry!! :P
Happy Stitchings~~

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