Saturday, November 13, 2010

Added Poll -- Anime Dolls

Well I don't know what series I should do next. I like making the little Anime doll sprites.
If you could click 1 option then I will try and make them. If there isn't one on the list-- let me know here!! :)
Oops -- made a mistake on the poll-- can only click one option. Comment for other animes!!


  1. How about Inuyasha? My eldest likes that one.

  2. Some cute Evangelion or Kuroshitsuji chibis??

  3. I have no idea if you are familiar with the series, but I would LOVE some Saiyuki dolls if that struck your fancy. Yu Yu Hakusho or FMA would also be fun! Whatever you decide to make I'm sure it will be awesome.

    Thanks for all the great patterns, I really enjoy following your blog!

  4. Gundam Wing?
    I'd love a little Wufei or Duo to stitch!
    You make such cute patterns :D