Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day For Everyone here and New anime finishes --

Well..Lots of highways are closed today!! We got lots of drifting snow!!
My hubby is unable to commute to work and I think the buses will be canceled too!! Sooooo-- its a SNOW DAY!!! I will get a photo of all the snow later this morning when the sun finally gets up. You might just see a cloud of white!! I HATE snow!!

Here is my Black Star from Soul Eater finished. I did make a few changes from the pattern. I have been working on a new doll-- I wanted to get it finished over the week end but the weather ruined those plans!! I will post very soon!!

Here is Cathy's new Digimon stitched piece. Her Blog

Here is Vegeta completed too. He can be found on grumble-kings Deviant Art page here.

Thanks guys for stitching them!!!!!
Oh I wanted to tell people I won't be updating anything on my web page until the new year. I'm just too busy with the Christmas things!! If your having hard time finding things to stitch for friends for gifts. Go check out Dork Stitch -- She has been posting new tiny sprites each day.

Well that is pretty much it!! Happy Stitchings~~

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  1. Well, even if the snow does suck, I hope you enjoy your day inside! The wind is dead here, so everything is working as normal.

    Also, thanks very much for the shoutout! ^^ I really appreciate it. (I wish the DA hug emoticon was on here!)