Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mario Death Mushroom and Cobalt Update

Here is the finished Mario Death Mushroom I stitched for my son. The purple floss I used was difficult to use because it was slippery. I'm not sure the brand since I got it many many years ago. Some of my stitches were not tight as I wanted them to be. I'm sure my son will like it!! I would post a link to the pattern but I don't have it since I just saved it to my computer over a year ago.

Now POOR POOR Cobalt!! He hasn't had a good week since his surgery. One of his toes (or a few) got infected. He cried a lot when the doctor was checking them and it is now drained. He is on antibiotics and more pain killers for a week now. There is a huge change even this morning-- He is causing a bit more trouble for me. He must put the cone on if he is too active or licking at his foot. He could be extremely happy before you put the cone on then his personality totally turns to sadness!! He just lays down and looks soooooo sad!! He now finds hiding places.....where I can't get to him easily!!
Ohhhhhh---so sad!!!!

Well that is it for today!! I hope everyone is enjoying there week!! :)
Happy Stitchings~~


  1. From your photo, the stitch looks really good! It didn't pop up on my devart, though! I am going to go to your page and favorite it when I'm done commenting. I hope your cat gets better soon, too! That picture is really sad, and a foot infection isn't pleasant for any animal.

  2. That mushroom is the cutest! XD You can't help love it even if it's a Death mushroom, lol!
    But the kitty really looks so sad! :( I hope he gets better soon!