Saturday, June 4, 2011

Occult Academy Pattern

Here is Maya from the Occult Academy. She really isn't a happy character-- rather mean!! I haven't finished watching this anime so I don't know how it ends!!
Link to pattern

I also have new cross stitches people have done!! :)
Kerochan was stitched by lucky_meryl. She did an excellent job stitching this!! :)
The Bleach Logo was stitched by Topcho. Looks way cool!! :)

Here is Goku on his cloud (Nimbus). It was stitched by Me-is-kohaku.

Thanks for stitching these patterns!!! :):)

Happy stitchings~~


  1. Thanks for providing the paterns! :))) All those stitchings looks wonderful and the new pattern is cute, even though I don't know the series it's from!

  2. The Kero-chan is really cute!