Monday, February 20, 2012

February IHSW

Here is my February IHSW. I was almost able to complete what I wanted. I should be able to finish up the page tomorrow. I shouldn't think this will be a mystery anymore. You won't know what it looks like just yet!! :) I'm off to enjoy Family Day-- watching my son play Mass Effect 2--at least everyone will be in the same room.....LOL!!

18/25 Pages completed. Only 7 more pages to go.

Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Fabulous progress! It's looking great!

  2. Oh, it's looking so nice! I hope you can get the page finished tomorrow! ^^

  3. That is gonna be so stunning! awesome!!

  4. What a beautiful project you have there!! :D I'm curious to see more progress soon!! :)