Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sailor Moon Sprites-- All of them!!

Well I finally got them done yesterday. All the Sailor Scouts!!
Link to them!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to put them up-- I decided to do it today since I'm sick with a stomach flu. I'm not sure how I will feel tomorrow! But I'm off to lay down again since I have a terrible headache now too!!

Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Those are so cute!
    I'm so sorry I "stole" your New Year post T__T Those ones were just the first drew my attention ^^" I hope you'll feel better soon. Have a good rest!
    And I wanted to thank you for your advice too! Unfortunately that site didn't open, then I spent around 2 hours experimenting with similar sites till in the end I discovered that I HAVE ADOBE ACROBAT on my PC and can make as many pdfs as I want... Now I feel like a total idiot... Now what's left is to find a nice hosting site that doesn't delete files because of inactivity! ^^"
    Get well soon and have an awesome 2010!

  2. Well I slept for a couple hours this evening and at least my stomach is getting better-- but my head still hurts alot-- I'm trying to get the water back into my system but I can only drink a bit at a time.

    OK good that you have a way to make PDF's!!

    For a good free hosting site ---
    Just try my web page url (should be on the bottom of one of the web pages) or try 1337 XStitch site I think they have a url on it too.