Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soul Eater Patterns

Well.........its been awhile since I designed anything!!
Someone -- requested I do some patterns for them last week.
Here is a couple so far from Soul Eater. I don't know too much about the anime since I have never seen it before!! Here are Death the Kid and the Skull -- I hope they look ok!!
They have there own new page here.
I hope to make some more characters -- if I can make them work!! :)


  1. Ah, they look cool so far, and are really well sized, too! I can't wait to see the rest of the set. ^^ I've only read a bit of the manga, but the characters are fun to do fanart of. My dad is not that fond of Maka, though- he says her eyes look too much like flannel. XD

  2. Very cool, my kids love this show, hope I can get around to stitching these

  3. Hi!

    Maybe I was one of them who requested Soul Eater and Fairy Tail Patterns (because you wrote "someone" and I didn't write my nickname down here).
    But in spite of that: Thanks so much! >o<