Thursday, March 18, 2010

The tale of 2 Frogs..........

Well I had to play froggie with my anime girl today!! Rip it it!!!!
I managed to get 2 red colours mixed up and had to pull it out! I really hate doing that!! It didn't take too long to redo-- After I completed my redo I was done for the day!! I don't know how I did it......unless i put the wrong colour back in its place.

As for the other frog-- it didn't get done because I spent time making patterns instead!! I didn't even look my my cross stitch yesterday to try and finish it because of a really nasty headache!! All I can say I was thankful it wasn't a migraine!! :(

So that is my day........ off to hard outside to enjoy my really nice spring like weather...until it decides to snow next week!! I hope not!!!!


  1. Off to head outside!!!!!!!! I should re read what I type sometimes!! :P

  2. Nyaah, I hate ripping too! Ripping itself can give headache too - hope yours is gone and that the weather will be nice next week again :)