Saturday, May 15, 2010

TUSAL, Kittens and Stitched Pieces

MAY TUSAL -- I know I'm a few days late.
It is nice to see bright colours now in my jar!!

Kitten Update- 5 weeks old-- another week and they will be leaving!!! My son named the last kitten playing with the toy Cobalt -- extremely smart kitten! Also the one that causes all the TROUBLE!!!

Here are some of my new anime patterns stitched up.
Two from my .hack// series I have been doing and the Bleach Soul Dolls.

Mistral and Haseo

Soul Dolls


  1. Awww the kitties are so adorable!

  2. Those cat photos are great! :D I love the one playing with the booklight, and the one in the food dish is great, too, as is the group photo! (Actually, I may just be a sucker for kitten photos....)