Saturday, May 15, 2010

150th Post and Final Fantasy Sprites

I have made it to 150 Posts!!
I have decided to wait for my 1 year anniversary at the end of the month to hold a contest-- I still need to go through all my supplies and see what I will give away first. I will set it up so there will be 3 prizes too!! So look out for the contest!!!

I know these don't really have to do with Anime but I wanted to make these Final Fantasy sprites up to stitch. I decided to share them too. They will be pretty quick to stitch too!! :)
You will find them on my Web Page under Video Game Sprites.

I hope to have another Anime Girl WIP update soon. I haven't been working on it too much since I needed to heal my thumb and then I got into making smaller items.

Well that is it for today!! Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Congratulations on hitting 150 posts! I love the pattern, too- the archer type girl is so cute! ^^