Friday, September 3, 2010

Anime Girl Update Again!!

I finished the next page!!! :) Whoo hooo!!
I get to stitch the page with her cool eye now!! :) Her hair will take a bit of time to complete!! Lots of needle colour changes!! I hope to have her completed in 2 weeks time!!
Once she is completed!! I will make more anime patterns for the site!!
Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Wow - I wish I could stitch that fast! And she's looking so very good! Do you use PC Stitch or another program for your patterns?
    And good luck if you decide to do the snowman-theme tree - what a neat idea :D

  2. She's fantastic. Definitely got the wow factor!

  3. Dawn... I saw on someones blog that they had already picked up the JCS mag and 123stitch has it for sale already too. Now to just get my hands on a copy. :)