Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mario Kart WIPS and Cobalt

Here is my Mario WIP. I haven't managed to finish a sprite yet. Poor priness doesn't even have any colour yet.

Here is Cobolt--He is almost a year old now. He loves to watch me stitch--he is very attached to me. He will either sit in my lap with his front legs over my left arm--lay down on my left shoulder. It does make stitching very difficult. He thought it was time to stop MOM from stitching. Yesterday he went to the vets to get his baby making parts taken away--and declawed. I haven't had to do the declawing with any of my cats until this one. He loves to climb--- He will run up my back to my shoulder and he uses his claws!! I guess I'm tired of being injured!! He is pretty much the coolest cat ever!!

Well that is it for today!! Everyone have a great day!!

Happy Stitchings~~


  1. Aww cute Cobolt :)

    My Murray usually pokes me in the side when she thinks I spent to much time at my computer ;) an my other cat Jimmy, he usually jumps on my desk ;)

  2. My cat, Max, decides that when I have enough, he'll lay either next to me and nip at me, or lay on top of my project. Kinda annoying since he's a long hair black cat. lol

    I fought really hard with the decision to declaw my kitty. I decided that I would only declaw his front paws, as those are the ones which he would use to destroy things.

    Love the Mario cart! Too bad I don't have time, or anywhere to put it! lol