Saturday, March 26, 2011

New finishes and Mario Kart WIP

I have been busy stitching again!!
Here are 2 more Anime Dolls that I stitched.

It is Kuniko and Atoli.

I must also thank missy tannenbaum . She stitched a rather neat Digimon needlepoint. Thanks!!

Now I'm taking a small break from stitching Anime stuff. I am doing a couple Mario Kart samplers from Gatchastitch's site. I wanted to work on my bigger sampler but I must wait for my order from the US-- the fabric colour I wanted to use was too small.
I started this yesterday afternoon. I have managed to complete all the black now.

Well that is it for now!! I hope everyone enjoying warmer weather then me!! Freezing here!!
Happy Stitchings~~


  1. The Mario Kart thing looks really cute so far, and fun to make, too! Also, thanks for posting the Digimon photo! ^^

  2. I can't believe you managed to stitch all that black in just one day.

    That's pretty impressive hun - can't wait to see it coloured!!!

  3. Love all the finishes and the new wip as well! :D