Friday, May 20, 2011

Digimon Characters Patterns

Well I have some new Digimon Characters!! They look pretty cool!!
Here are just a few of the characers I have started-- There are a couple more on the site too!!
Link to patterns

I have to thank Kay over at Craft Yori Dango. She did a pretty cool bead design of one of the Naruto designs!! :)

That is it for tonite......Off to enjoy my LONG WEEKEND!! :)


  1. These patterns are so cool! I have Mimi's PDF downloaded and ready to print right now and very much look forward to stitching her!

  2. Very cool! And the beaded design turned awesome too!

  3. There are anime-lovers who enjoy stitching their favorite anime characters. They will greatly benefit from your blog! Digimon is famous in different countries. Anime-lovers out there will surely love to decorate their rooms with those. If they can't stitch, they can at least ask their loving moms to do it. :D

    Michelle Pendlelton