Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUSAL and Baby Dragon

Well here is my Tusal jar for this month. There is lots of black and dark browns added to it recently. (left side)

Well I have completed almost 2 pages of the dragon now. I haven't gone to the shop yet to get the rest of the 12 floss colours yet. I figured it will take a bit to get all the black and browns completed. I'm not sure if you can notice the dark brown in the sampler yet. I can see it but unsure the camera picked it up. I might have to do some special lighting to it when I get it framed.

That is it for now! I hope everyone has a good day!!!


  1. This project looks like it'll be massively impressive when done, and the browns show up in your photo on my monitor. Good luck continuing the project!

  2. I can see the brown.
    Looks lovely so far!