Monday, January 23, 2012

January-IHSW and a Death Note Sprite Finish

Well here is my first IHSW. I'm getting behind on my Mystery WIP. I had a migraine that lasted a few days then my stomach was not well for days after because all the pills trying to get rid of it.

Mystery WIP -- Update

Not much to show except lots of white!! I'm so sick of white!!! You can see the part with a shape of the image. I promise you I will have something added for the next time.

Here is my first finish of the year. They are Death Note sprites from Dork Stitch. I did make a few colour changes - I changed Near a bit. This will be made into a pouch for my sons laptop mouse when I want to drag out my sewing machine again.

Well that is it for today. Happy stitchings~~


  1. so enjoying watching this mystery project unfold, is it Midna from Twilight Princess?? Only thing I can think of with horns like those...

  2. Even if it's only white, that's GREAT progress on the Mystery wip! That's a lot of stitches! The Death note set is so cute too, I'm sure your son will love it as a mouse pouch:D

  3. Sprite finishes look great. :D Mystery WIP looks great!

  4. The mystery project is looking really cool, though I have to admit that the part you posted today was funnier. ^^; It must take such patience to stitch all of that white! Also, I forgot to ask before, but do you mind if I include your Death Note work in my next features post? It's really, really nifty looking.