Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mystery Project Update

Well....Here is the update.

Not much of the image was added. Just lots of white!! I have completed 7/25 pages now. I'm slightly behind on my stitching because of video games. Oh well!! I should have another update for you soon and maybe more of the image too!



  1. Behind on stitching because of video games? Oh, my, who'd ever heard of such a thing? XD

    Your WIP looks fancy and cool so far! The sketchy style comes out really well in the stitching! Good luck as you keep going!

  2. Wow, 7/25 I think you're going great! It looks awesome ,but I still can't guess what the mystery project is. Those look like horns and I've been thinking about dragons again but I will wait for the next page to try my luck!

  3. Looks great!! Oh dear.... I hear ya. I'm dreading the day when Diablo3 is released.