Saturday, January 16, 2010

A cool SAL to Join!!!

I would like to thank Kttycat for pointing this out!!
This is such a cool idea especially when I stitch so much.

Dragon My Needle has A cool SAL going on called Totally Useless SAL.
You must collect all your bits of floss (and other stuff--see blog for rules) in a jar thru out the year. It would be interesting in seeing how much scraps you end up with in a year!! Bonus is there is a cool prize you could win at the end!! :)


  1. Sounds cool! As I keep all the scraps anyways, I think I may join! I've just begun collecting scraps after using the ones I had for a bookmark!

  2. I'm glad everybody seems to think our SAL is so cool (LOL). WELCOME to the Totally Useless SAL. I'll be around with my wet noodle to check your progress (LOL). Feel free to grab the TUSAL button from my sidebar and put it in your sidebar. Hugs Yoyo

  3. Sounds totally bonkers, but I think I could be up for a laugh so I'm of to join!!!!