Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Sampler

I got alot of it stitched today!!
I just have Chen Bao Zhu head to stitch. I will get her head outlined tonite since there ins't too much on TV at all. I hope to complete this over the week end. :)


  1. It looks really nice so far, and so cute, too! Good luck with the massive heart you were talking about! Your stitching technique must be the opposite of mine, though. The better that the TV is, the more I get stitched. ^^ (I watched District 9 tonight, so I got the shoes and sleeves almost all done on the fighting game sprite I'm working on.)

  2. I also tend to get more stitched while i'm watching tv. I've just bought seasons 4-7 of a show of mine and got them in the mail yesterday. Already watched two discs and have my flag half done.

  3. I can't because my hubby talks to the TV(Which ticks me off!)and tries to talk to me.(Which ticks me off even more!!!) Its kinda hard to stitch when you are constantly re-counting. Last night I was stitching and had to stop because I made a small mistake. This morning I pulled out the mistake and almost managed to outline her hair before hubby got up. Now I'm here writing a message!! :P Now I plan to get him to go his workshop room to finish sharpening his new chisels I gave him for Xmas!! Yippee!!