Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Sal and Stitched Zabimaru

Well I have started Hi, My Sweetheart Sampler.

The show is sadly finishes in a couple weeks!! I like shows with endings because I don't watch much TV that drags for years!! I hope to finish Lin Da Lung by tomorrow and Chen Bao Zhu over the week end. I'm still unsure about the heart --I think I have the multiple coloured floss in pink. I just don't how much there is!! Its a pretty big heart and I really don't want to run out!!

I must thank Zaraphena. She stitched one of the Bleach patterns I did--Renji snakelike Zabimaru. She picked the perfect Aida colour for this project!! It looks pretty cool on the black Aida! Job well done!!!!! :)

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