Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mojo patterns update

I have decided to reopen the mojo files again until Nov 15th then they will be gone.
I'm not sure about the file site and how much usage is available (if there is a limit) .

Now what had upset me was someone was selling a finished design from mojo's collection. When mojo had her site she didn't want anyone to profit from them. I think that is one of the reasons she had closed her site in the first place. She had to constantly fight will people that did this. It started not to be fun anymore!!

When I started my site I wanted it too be free for anyone!! I don't want people to profit from this!! I do this because I enjoy doing it. If people decide to use my patterns to profit then I will remove the site. I don't want to so please use the patterns for your own use. I don't mind people using the designs for quilt-- charity organizations.


  1. It's horrible to think that people use free designs to profit from.

  2. Gosh, yes <__< I think, it's ok, if you make a picture for someone and ask for the money you spend in fabric or thread, that's what I do. But selling it at Etsy or daWanda is just unfair .__.