Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Stitching

Well I won't be stitching for awhile now! I managed tear my tendon in my thumb! It will be a micro--small tears. It happened a few week end ago when I was cutting material into squares to sew up. I hurt it in a span on 1/2 hour. I'm going to seriously rest my thumb for a few weeks so I can get back into stitching!!

Here is my ELF girl WIP-- what I was able to complete!!
It will be putting it away tonight so I don't see it and get depressed!!!

I will also be seeing a plastic surgeon too!! I thought I would never see one!! Very cool!!
Nahhhhhh.... off to see him about removing a new mole on my face that didn't look right!! I have lots of those beauty marks-- moles on my face!! :P I'm pretty careful and get things checked if something doesn't look right!!!

One good thing is it doesn't hurt to make patterns!! I will be putting lots more up soon!! :)
Happy Stitching everyone!!


  1. Ouch! Hope it heals fast!
    Your Elf girl is lovely so far! I really like those shades of green... so pretty!

  2. All the best for a speedy recovery Dawn. Elf girl is looking brilliant.

  3. Ouch! Hope your doing better soon! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  4. I love these colours, can't wait to see more, after you've recovered of course - I wish you a quick recovery! :D