Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mystery Cross Stitch Update

Here is my last 2011 update of my mystery BIG cross stitch. I'm really enjoying parking the threads. I don't have to count constantly or tuck my stitchings in all the time. I think it has cut time by a small amount!!

Well I hope to post my 2012 things I want to stitch tomorrow sometime. Since it is quiet here tonite I plan to stitch this evening. My son has gone to a coed movie nite tonite. It is my first new years without I'm a bit sad. (just a bit--giggles)

Happy stitchings~~


  1. Happy new year! The mystery project looks pretty cool, though I still have no idea what could it be :)

  2. It looks awesome. Also Happy New Year?

    Are we allowed to guess the mystery cross stitch? If so, my guess is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (because I love her and those look like horns to me). If we aren't allowed to guess. Whoops. Delete this comment!!